Getting Around Greece

Greece Domestic Travel Guide

Wondering how to create your own island hopping itinerary around Greece without your own private yacht? Well look no further! Here is your definitive guide for getting around Greece DIY style.

Is your starting point Athens? From Athens you have many options. Check out how to get from Athens to some of the most popular destinations:

Athens -> Hydra

Ferry: One of the closest destinations to Athens, Hydra is a great day trip or a lovely place to spend a few nights. The ferry takes about an hour and a half to two hours and leaves about four times a day from Athens to Hydra and four times a day on the reverse trip, leaving Athens as early as 8AM and returning from Hydra as late as 7PM.


Athens -> Crete

Fly: You can fly to Chania for as cheap as 30 euros through Olympic Air or Ryanair in just 50 minutes. There are at least five flights leaving Athens everyday from 8AM to 10PM.

Ferry: A favorite option is the overnight ferry to (Heraklion or Chania) leaving at 11PM and arriving at 6AM the next morning and the same return trip is offered (leaving Crete at 11PM). An economy seat is as cheap as 39 euros and a variety of cabins are offered from classic to luxury from 64 to 148 euros.


Athens -> Santorini

Fly: You can fly to Santorini in just 45 minutes for as little as 40 euros on Aegean Air, Ryanair and other airlines. There are at least seven flights everyday from 5AM to 11PM.

Ferry: Depending on the speed of the ferry, the trip from Athens to Santorini can take from five to eight hours. They leave around 7AM and arrive between noon and 3PM for between 39 and 55 euros. A POPULAR option is to take the night ferry, which leaves around 10PM and arrives around 7AM the next day for about 40 euros.


Athens -> Paros

Fly: Flying to Paros is not recommended, as you can see Paros as part of your trip to Mykonos or Santorini via ferry. If you did want to fly there are four flights per day, that take forty minutes for at least 108 euros via Olympic Air.

Ferry: Again, depending on the speed this ferry takes from three to five hours depending on the ferry speed, with two morning ferries and one in the evening. Rule of thumb: faster ferry= higher prices, so the prices range from 20 euros (5 hours) to 45 euros (3 hours).


Athens -> Kefalonia

Fly: This trip is a bit harder. There is one flight (sometimes more) per day and the average cost is about 90 euros. Thankfully, direct flights fly to Kefalonia from other parts of Europe, including London for as cheap as 100 euros.

Ferry: Ferries don’t leave directly from Athens to Kefalonia and the only way is to get to Patras or Kyllini by car or bus and taking a ferry from there. Good news! There are ports in Italy (Bari, Ancona, Brindisi and Venice) and other parts of Greece (Lefkada, Corfu and Zakynthos) that connect to the Kefalonia port.


Athens -> Zakynthos

Fly: There are about two flights a day via Olympic Air for about 90 euros or more, making it from Athens to Zakynthos in under an hour.

Ferry: Our recommendation? Check out Zakynthos with your trip to Kefalonia as that is the easiest ferry route in about one hour. More info here.


Athens -> Rhodes

Fly: Flights to Rhodes from Athens start at 8AM and fly through 10PM with at least five flights daily for as cheap as 30 euros each way.

Ferry: Overnight ferry available as cheap as 20 euros with Blue Star ferries. Warning: these take over twelve hours.


Athens -> Thessaloniki

Fly: Plenty of flights per day (at least 15) that are less than an hour long and start as early as 6AM. As cheap as 60 euros each way.

El Nido Boat Tour

Struggling with which Boat Tour to pick for your El Nido itinerary? Staying at Lagen Island Resort, we did a private boat tour for six hours ($100) and did some research to see what we were most excited to see. Check out our adventure!

Exploration awaits...

Struggling with which Boat Tour to pick for your El Nido itinerary? Staying at Lagen Island Resort, we did a private boat tour for six hours ($100) and did some research to see what we were most excited to see. Check out our adventure! Remember these tips: bring water shoes, tons of sunscreen and a protective water case for your camera and try to go earlier in the day to avoid the crowds.

Big Lagoon


A breathtaking sight that you have to kayak to get to, but it is well worth it!

Big Lagoon

Big Lagoon

Small Lagoon

The Big Lagoon's litter sister that has more crevices to explore. Again, be ready to kayak!

Small Lagoon

Secret Lagoon

You crawl through a cave to get inside. Possibly my favorite stop! And to top it off it is right next to a beautiful beach.

Secret Lagoon

Secret Lagoon

Secret Lagoon

Snake Island

A beautiful sand bar where to two currents meet that will make you feel like you're walking on water. Don't forget to take the short hike to the vista point and take it in from above!

Snake Island

Dilumacad Island

A cozy little beach that you just might have all to yourself.

Dilumacad Island

Entalula Island


The perfect place to stop for lunch, a tropical drink and a picturesque view.

Cudugnon Cave

Also known as "Mickey Mouse" Cave. Warning: there are bats.

Unforgettable Greece Dining Experiences

Kuzina, Athens

Holy Acropolis! Amazing food, on point cocktails and a view that is just awe-inspiring. This restaurant is in an incredible way to start your time in Athens with a rare mix of great location, ambience and food. We loved the Octopus Slices and the Cod Cakes, but everything was just incredible.

Dinner in the Sky, Athens

Could a dinner also be one of the best travel experiences of your life? Yes, absolutely. Suspended 160 feet in the air, prepare for a beautiful view and incredible meal, plus unlimited wine. Be front and center to watch the sun set over the Acropolis and ready for a party in the sky with a few new friends at a communal table with a pre fixe menu.

Spilia Cafe, Hydra

For a small island, Hydra has a number of delicious restaurants (my runner-up is probably Sunset Restaurant), but Spilia Cafe has incredible vibes- and food. Sit back, have a drink, read a book and make sure to order the gyro (it's plated versus wrapped-style).

Arizmari Creative Cuisine, Chania

What can I say about Arizmari's other than it is my absolute favorite restaurant in the world? It is pretty much the epitome of Crete's incredible food. Dining on the Chania harbor is so charming, make sure to leave time to explore the town square afterward. The mussels are superb, as are the stuffed mushrooms and mushroom risotto. Be prepared to stay late drinking free Raki and enjoying complimentary dessert!

Ippokambos, Heraklion

Perched on the perfect spot on Heraklion's harbor, Ipokambos is the perfect place to indulge your seafood obsession. Try the seafood risotto (pictured), any of the fresh fish and like most other restaurants in Crete, be prepared for dessert and Raki on the house. Whatever you order at this family restaurant, the truth is you can't go wrong!

Pelekanos, Santorini

Does standing among a crowded group fighting for a place to stand/sit not sound like the ideal way to enjoy Oia's famous sunset? Then make a reservation at Pelekanos and get a front row seat and a great meal while you're at it. Try the Moussaka, the Haloumi and the Mussels. For dessert, definitely the cheesecake.

Katerina's, Mykonos

Need another restaurant perfect to check out a beautiful sunset? Of course you do. And I would never send you anywhere with bad food either so be prepared for another meal with incredible food and an incredible view. Tip #1: Make your reservation early to get the patio table! Tip #2: Order the Pappardelle and the Octopus. The Seafood plate and Lobster Linguine are incredible as well!

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