Greece is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and with good reason: from history to food to relaxation, Greece has something for everyone. With a rich culture and deep history that has given us significant contributions in areas of language, philosophy, theater and so much more, exploring Greece is exploring the history of mankind. With destinations that vary from both tourist-heavy to relatively unspoiled, those who wish to can find their own private paradise, be it a hidden beach, a secret hiking trail, or a secluded seaside cove. Given that so many Greek destinations are islands and many major cities are spread out, tourists are often surprised by the diversity as they travel from place to place. Greece has so many more views to offer than the famous blue-domed churches, whitewashed houses and Acropolis! (Although I do love those places too.)

The weather starts to warm up in May and hits its’ peak in July and August when waters are most comfortable for swimming, and often stay that way into September. Prices also hit their peak in July and August, but if you are looking for sunny days and reasonable prices try checking out Greece in May or September. TIP: If you don't mind cool weather and want to wander the narrow paths of Greek islands without a million tourists all around you, head to Greece in the winter. This is especially useful in Santorini, which is always swamped with tourists in the summer!

Flying through a European hub airport will be your best bet for travelling to Greece. Airfares are highest in July, August and around Easter time. Nonstop flights from the United States are limited, but available from New York.

  • Greece may be a fairly small country, but because so many of the amazing destinations are islands and the terrain is so mountainous it’s not as easy to get around as you may think. In Athens, the metro is a reliable means of transportation, while every island has its own unique system of transportation.
  • When it comes to getting from island to island in Greece you have a few options: the high-end choice? Charter a yacht for your own private exploration and an itinerary that you can craft as you see fit. A great option for a variety of yachts, different locations and price ranges is Incrediblue.
  • If private yachts aren’t option (as they are not for most), the ferry system is pretty robust in Greece! Still not cheap, but worth investing $50 to see more of what Greece has to offer if you have made it all the way out there.
  • Local flights in Greece are also more affordable than you may think! You can get from Athens to Chania in Crete for just $35. Athens to Mykonos flights can be found for as cheap as $55 and Santorini for just $40.

Crete is Greece’s most famous destinations and known as its food capital. The location is the perfect place to find the freshest ingredients especially wild herbs and greens and incredibly rich olive oil.


Although Greek accommodations have a reputation for being fairly rustic, you can find some fabulous resorts especially in tourist-driven destinations like Mykonos, famous for chic accommodations. Even still, you can easily find a fabulous room for under $200/night there.

  • There are all types of ways to party in Greece from beach parties to nightclubs that host some of the best DJs in the world to fun bars where you can mingle with locals.
  • Mykonos is known as a party capital, but definitely has tons of tourists! To party with the locals check out Ios and Paros!
  • Wine tasting: especially in Santorini and Crete
  • Shopping: Athens’ Plaka district is famous for shopping including art, beads, shoes, and more. Meanwhile, Kolanki is good for luxury-lovers.
  • Island-hopping: explore the Greek islands by yacht
  • Beach bumming: with beautiful beaches from Crete to Mykonos there are endless beaches to enjoy!

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