The Philippines is full of beautiful islands, marine life, adventure activities and more! Some go for Manila, the capital and bustling city, while others skip straight to the islands, like Cebu, Palawan or choose to explore other parts of Luzon. There are places to sip drinks and party by the beach, as well as private getaways for the most romantic of vacations. Adventurers can find places to cliff jump, encounter wildlife and may find that there is an opportunity for an adrenaline rush around every corner.

Like most Asian countries, the Philippines have a dry and wet season. The dry season falls between November and April, although some people prefer to travel during the wet seasons when the landscape is green and the prices are cheaper. After all, rainfall is on and off and usually won't interrupt travel plans. The month of November is a good bet for solid weather and good prices.

There are so many great flights to Manila, including non-stop from cities as far West as San Francisco and Los Angeles for as little as $700.

Once you get to Manila, there are plenty of affordable flights to get you to the other islands. From there, continue to explore by plane or ferry. But, DO NOT underestimate the size of the islands as many can take days to explore. When you reach your destination, you may find you can walk to most places you want to be, but if not there are always plenty of taxis and rickshaws around.

Filipino food is not for everyone, despite the fact that you will find restaurants with cuisines from so many different countries: Italy, France, America and more. You will find a lot of the same things at breakfast stops, with plenty of fruit, like fresh mango. The seafood is often a draw as it is fresh and some signature dishes include Dininding and Kari-Kari.


Hotels in the Philippines are not nearly as cheap as so many of its Asian counterparts, but you can still find some good deals, especially if you book early enough. Regardless of the hotel, you will likely find a beautiful view from your balcony or window.

Boracay is known for partying on all levels. Bars, lounges, clubs, day drinking, night drinking- you name it. There are tons of tourists, but there are locals too. Other places good for partying are Cebu, Manila and Davao.

  • Massages: enjoy incredible spa treatments for a great price and pamper yourself like you can't at home.
  • Island-hopping: explore El Nido, the other islands around Palawan and plenty other island chains around the Philippines!
  • Beach bumming: with beautiful beaches from Boracay to Coron and El Nido in Palwan, there are plenty of places to have your beach vacation.
  • Sight-seeing: a favorite is the Banaue Rice Terraces, a few hours away from Manila

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